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trying to runaway from your responsibilities like


trying to runaway from your responsibilities like


"Sadly, a lot of the movie didn’t remind me of Miller’s comic: they reminded me of Max Fischer’s plays from Rushmore, actors trapped in hilariously derivative scenes while the author/director looks on, lost in visions of his own greatness. The sets and effects are terrible, far cheaper than they seemed in the original, and Rodriller muster up no energy for most of their interminable action scenes. At one point, Jamie Chung (taking over from Devon Aoki as Miho) trots half-heartedly on a green-screen treadmill while chased by the animated silhouettes of thugs firing guns, all of it looking exactly like the kind of late-night commercial a cash-rich car salesman with a cocaine problem might commission from a local shoe-string production company. Throw in the terrible soundtrack, unceasingly festooned with Rodriguez’s soul-crushingly vapid guitar licks, and you get a cinematic experience that didn’t remind me of the movie Sin City (2005) as much as the video game Max Payne (2001). In fact, it reminded me of the video game Max Payne (2001) a lot. By the end of the movie, I even doubted Robert Rodriguez or Frank Miller had ever been inside a strip club, which is amazing because if there are two guys you know have spent a lot of time in a strip club…"
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Ouch! Still wanna see Sin City 2

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The Clash - Janie Jones (1977)

You lucky lady!

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The Spits - “I’m Scum”

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Void - My rules

Not a Black Flag cover…

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Action Bronson - “Morey Boogie Boards” (prod. by Harry Fraud)

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