Last of the Flohicans Feat. Major Myjah (Prod. by Blended Babies) by Asher Paul Roth

Charles Bradley - “I Hope You Find (The Good Life)” by Daptone Records

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For my van

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We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one

My Go-To at work meal : go to any Chinese food restaurant and order a small House Special or Combination fried rice. It’s got everything ya need in it. If the place has free tea then your golden. I always order it with no onions so they whip me up a freshy

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Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You

This one goes out to my beloved 1994 Chevy Lumina miniVan, which I thought I was gonna have to junk after the brakes went this week. The estimate was really expensive and I only paid $450 for the vehicle so my dilemma was :do I shell out a grand to fix this thing or junk it? It’s only got about 61,780 miles on it so I wanted to hang on to it, I honestly dig the thing. Luckily a benefactor came along and helped with the money for the repairs. So I still got my rad little van! Thank you benefactor

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Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Track: Let Love Rule
Album: Let Love Rule
Year: 1989
Theme: 1989

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Art by Frank Frazetta

Couldn’t wait for Frazetta Friday to post this